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Posted by Renee Schmidt


Take the Interview and Candex are a new wave of tech solutions set on revolutionizing the way businesses and potential employees get together.

As Editor of SheBytes; a blossoming tech blog and Principal of Madison Technology; a NYC based Cloud Computing and Managed Hosting company, you might have guessed that I love technology!

That’s why, I recently attended “Tech Streaming the Industry: Take the Interview and Candex Launch” event in NYC’s hotspot Yotel, and was blown away by the promising prospects.  Watch this reel:

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Posted by Renee Schmidt

Few things impress me as much as Echo Design gloves… gloves that let you text on your smartphone while wearing them!  A winter’s dream come true for texters everywhere!

I’m not that easy to impress. But Echo Design’s gloves, really hit the mark. I got these as a birthday present last week and I haven’t looked back at my old winter gloves even once!

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Posted by Jason Moriarty

Today’s retrotech flashback is none other than the Laserdisc (LD), the first commercial optical disc storage medium.  Sometimes man (or woman) produces a piece of technology that is so strange and obscure, we look back at this piece of tech and say to ourselves “WTF were we thinking?!”  Here is a prime example.  

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