Posted by Renee Schmidt

Did you know you can save, as well as edit and create documents on your iPhone 4 / iPad 2? Purchase the Documents To Go application.  It will allow you to save a full suite of Microsoft Office documents to your device (Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents) in their original format.  Documents To Go will also let you save and view Adobe PDF files, Apple iWork files, and others.

The app also incorporates a Desktop Application with 2-Way File Sync using Wi-Fi. Any changes made to a file on your device or computer will automatically be merged with the corresponding document upon synchronization.

The program is available in two versions: Regular (described above) and Premium.  With the Premium version, you can you save (as well as edit and create) PowerPoint documents.  The premium version also supports Online/Cloud Documents, allowing you to download, view and edit your files from your Google Docs,, Dropbox, MobileMe iDisk or SugarSync account directly in Docs To Go. Any changes you make can be saved and synchronized back to the online account so that you’ll always have the most up-to-date version of your file on hand. You can even create new files in Docs To Go and upload them immediately / directly to your Cloud account.

The Premium version is $16.99 and Regular version is $9.99.  If you’re a busy professional that’s often on the go, I think this app is well worth the investment. Documents to Go includes support for Office 2007, 2008, and 2010. Featured on CNN, Winner of the “Best App Ever Awards” and “Productivity App of the Year” award.

One item of note: if you keep sensitive data on your device, make sure you have security measures setup.  Read more about the top three items to secure your iPad / iPhone data: here.

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