Posted by Renee Schmidt

Michael Craig, founder of and interior design guru shares his top 5 tips on how to de-clutter your work area to improve productivity and increase efficiency.

1. Good bye post it notes… too many will just minimize the intended purpose.  Limit yourself to ONLY ONE.  At most, we’ll give you ONE per screen. Since you are a post it kinda person, purchase a nice post it holder in black that neatly holds them, while still allowing you to have one at the ready at all times!

2. Use the central column to hide your wires.  Use longer wires if needed but they can easily be concealed by running them up the back of the column so they are no longer in view.  If you really want to get fancy use a wire tube cover – black in this case – and the mess is gone!

3. Change your mouse to an optical mouse that can work on glass without the track pad.  If the glass needs a pad, get a black one so it doesn’t distract.

4. Since we don’t want to block your screens, use a flat type organizer to hold your supplies all in one place.  Get a black one.  This can organize all your desktop needs in one place – making you more efficient and productive by taking the clutter out of your space.  Always make sure to have all your basics fully supplied!

5. For even further clarity on the desktop, remove the pictures and hang on the wall.  Personalize your space by adding even more pictures to join them on the wall… but keep your work area free of distraction.

*Bonus Tip: Elevate your CPU unit onto a rolling case.  Now you can easily move it back and fully out of the way.  Streamlining your workspace helps you stay focused on the task at hand!