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Personal blog of Renee Schmidt; techie, mommy, wife & entrepreneur. Currently living between NYC (my hometown) and Paris (hometown of my husband).

My Interests
In addition to the overarching subjects of fem & mom-tech, innovation, and emerging global trends, I can get quite chatty on any of the following: food, gadgets of the kitchen, integrity of self (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental), meditation, the neuroscience of consciousness, artificial intelligence, epigenetics, self-actualization, anything that has a positive and lasting impact on humanity, altruism for its own sake, health, clean foods, and nutrition. In short, self-actualization of people, companies, and humanity, through the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental channels (and all the ways in which science intersects therewith). Generally, these interests form the framework for the content that is created and shared through SheBytes.com.

To learn more about me, visit ReneeSchmidt.com or read my LinkedIn bio. 



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