Posted by Renee Schmidt


Technology for your plants? 

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a hard time keeping your plants alive. I have a money tree, lovingly named Homey; it’s a surprise he’s survived nearly 4 years under my care.  Maybe it’s that I choose plants ill-suited for my home or perhaps I just don’t know the proper amount of light or water they require?  Whatever the case, now there’s advanced technology for your plants! It’s called PlantSmart, a digital plant care sensor device. 

PlantSmart by Black & Decker provides expert plant advice via three modes: recommendation, monitor, and water. 

Recommendation Mode: If you haven’t bought your plant yet and are unsure which plant is right for your home environment, use PlantSmart in recommendation mode. The sensor works indoors in potted plants and outside in your lawn and garden.  Place it anywhere you’d like to grow a plant. PlantSmart automatically collects key environmental information. After 24 hours, remove the sensor, and plug it into your computer via USB. You’ll automatically be taken to a Recommendations results webpage where you can select an ideal plant from a database of over 6,000 species. A custom selection tool will help you find the right plant for your needs and conditions.

Monitor Mode: If you have a plant and you need advice for improving your plants’ health, in monitorr mode, PlantSmart can analyze growing conditions from the plant’s perspective and provide easy-to-follow care instructions to help your specific plants flourish.

Water Mode: Does your plant need water? PlantSmart’s water mode instantly measures soil moisture so you know precisely when to water. Never over– or under–water again!

What a fantastic idea!  I’m getting one for Homey –he’ll live! 🙂 ($49.99 from Home Depot)