Posted by Jesse Braunstein

“After iPhone 5, Apple May Merge OS X and iOS.”

At SheBytes, we don’t hide our Apple fixation.

Renee recently did a post on the differences between “Mac users VS PC People” and we have even dedicated a whole series; “Tips and Tricks for iPad 2 & iPhone 4”, in Apple’s honor!

Because of this, I’m particularly excited about an International Business Times (IBS), post, titled; “After iPhone 5, Apple May Merge OS X and iOS”.

The gist of the article is that it makes more sense for Apple to merge, or combine their two operating systems; OS X Lion for Macs and iOS 5 for their devices, instead of keeping them separate.

Although this switchover from two to one is a serious possibility; as it would not only cut costs, in terms of software development, but also; enable Apple users as a whole to move more fluidly between multiple devices, this does not mean that it’ll be an easy adjustment.

According to the IBS, “In order to merge two different operating systems that have been designed for different hardware, new hardware would have to be produced.” This means that Apple will, not only have to work on a brand new OS, from the software side of things ,which will be able to seamlessly integrate the advanced functionalities of their handheld and more stationary devices, but also that they will be required to reinvent their hardware.

“Jefferies & Co.’s Peter Misek believes”…“Apple will do just that, rolling out what he calls the “A6” processor”. Although this is definitely a strong possibility, I believe it will be at least a couple of years before we see this merger in any serious way.

Apple is by far, one of the world’s most interesting technology entities in existence today.  Besides its seemingly unbeatable iPod, the MacBook Air; the world’s thinnest laptop computer, and more recently; the iCloud, Apple’s relentless innovative drive is simply fascinating to behold.

Apple rolling out one, mega OS which would be extremely advanced, for all of their products, is a certain option.

This being the case; a more than fair question would be: “what will they call it?” As I was thinking you might ask that, I thought it out a little and here’s what I’ve come up with. Because Apple has quickly exhausted the supply of “king of the jungle” type terrestrial animals, I think they may go aquatic.

I was thinking (and hoping); the new OS would be called “OS Orca”, for a couple of reasons:

  • “OS Orca” sounds pretty bad ass
  • Orca, comes from “Orcinus orca”, which is the binomial nomenclature for a member of the oceanic dolphin family, more commonly known as the killer whale
  • The killer whale would not only be a cool animal to have backing an OS; but would also scare the @&$* out of Apple’s competition
  • And lastly, because of its  massive size and graceful appearance, the killer whale would be the perfect candidate for Apple OS representative

Many people have been thinking about an Apple OS merge recently; where they would combine their OS X Lion and their iOS 5, into “OS Orca”??

Let’s just hope that Steve Jobs is one of them 😉

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