Posted by Renee Schmidt

Apple Mac US
Apple has gradually moved production away from the US, enjoying the fruits of low cost of labor, primarily in China. However, work-related conditions in China has Apple reconsidering its original plan. Tim cook, the company’s Chief Executive, has stated that the company will be investing $100M to move Mac productions back home.

Apple has been leaving hints here and there in the past few months about a possible move out of China. Now that Cook has confirmed it, we’re pretty sure new Macs will be sold with ‘Assembled in USA’ stickers.

Apple moved most of its production facilities to Asia over the last two decades, starting in the 90s. However, the company kept its headquarters in California where designers work on product design. Similarly, the company manufacturers display glass in Kentucky, while it’s also developing a campus in Texas.

Apple will be leading Mac production in the US but it will be soliciting help from other companies. In a recent interview, Cook pointed out that the company doesn’t plan to do it all by itself. Cook claimed that Apple has been trying to run most of its production in the US, despite the fact that Cook himself played a major role in taking production out of US and moving it to Asian markets.

Although many think that Apple will help increase the U.S.’ flailing unemployment rate, moving Apple Mac US back is unlikely to make a huge difference. The US market is already shifting from Macs to iPads, which are effectively replacing desktop computers in most households. With minimal Apple Mac US production, Apple will accomplish little more than fighting poor labor practices, great feat unto itself; one that should help Apple regain its image against using slave labor manufacturers.