Posted by Renee Schmidt

iOnRoad, an augmented driving app, uses your smartphone’s native technologies to alert you of possible collisions on the road.

One of the most important things to driving a vehicle safely is to understand the traffic itself. If a car is slowing down and you are right behind it, you will have to apply brakes before you collide with it. Similarly, you have to watch out for unwanted lane shifting, since it can result in accidents in heavy traffic.

Although these are basic things about driving, they are still the most important ones. If you can keep safe distance from other traffic and avoid frequent lane changes, you will be safe. However, if you don’t pay attention to the road, you may not have enough time to apply brakes or steer away to avoid a collision. But you won’t have to stay focused if you’ve an app that warns you when you are risking a collision. iOnRoad, an app from an Israel-based company (that I met with on a recent trip to I went on to learn about Technology in Israel), is an award-winning augmented driving app that does just that.

iOnRoad is an augmented driving app which improves driving by alerting you when you’re in danger. You don’t need any additional hardware since the app makes use of your smartphone to run its VisualRadar. It uses your phone’s native censors to determine vehicle speed and its distance from the vehicles ahead. If you’re running the app while driving, you will receive a danger alert in time to apply brakes, hence avoiding a possible collision.

The iOnRoad augmented driving app has created the first ever positive association between driving and using a smartphone at the same time. Modern smartphones come with an impressive set of technologies and while driving, one usually puts their life at risk when texting or using a phone in another way that may distract you. iOnRoad helps you to use your phone while driving for staying safe. If you’re paying attention to your phone while driving, with iOnRoad, it can actually save your life (I love the irony in there). Also, since it’s docked, it’ll keep you from the temptation of using it for any other reason.

iOnRoad was presented at the CTIA Wireless 2012 Conference where it won an award for being the most innovative app in the transportation category. The app also won the ‘Best Product Demo’ award at Microsoft Think Next 2012. Forbes included iOnRoad in its article titled ‘5 Business Trends You Need to Watch’. And iOnRoad was also just announced the winner of the Israel’s Qualcomm Qprize competition as one of Qualcomm’s most promising Israeli startups.

I’m sure many of you want to try the app out for yourselves. For now you can download it for your Android phone. iOnRoad for iPhone is coming soon.

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