Posted by Jesse Braunstein

The DeLorean goes electric!

That’s right; the unforgettable time traveling car from the Back to The Future movies is getting made into a consumer electric car.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, or have never seen Back to The Future with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd (Dr. Emmett Brow, aka: Doc), watch the clip above and then go Netflix the movie ASAP!

Either way, my interest was sparked when I saw this recent article title on Forbes: “Back To The Future: All Electric DeLorean Coming In 2013”. My jaw dropped, just like Doc’s jaw above, when I read that plans to have the DeLorean re-released as an actual consumer vehicle are well underway.

The DeLorean will be a fully electric car, (hope that it can still reach 88mph ;)) and will be available for around $90,000 sometime in 2013.

While I’m sure somebody has already snagged the emblematic and clever “OUTATIME” license plate the DeLorean sports in the movies, the car itself exudes cool and is an absolute must for any vintage car collector as well as Back to the Future fanatic!

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