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American women don’t realize just how lucky we are.  There are many basic rights we have today, that are taken for granted; rights that just a century ago were unheard of.

I came across a list of 9 really good ones. They gave me a good awakening so I thought I would share. Here are my top 4 picks:

  1. The right to own our own property. A woman’s name was first permitted on a deed in the mid-1800s. The catch? She needed her husband’s permission.
  2. The right to choose to have children, or not. Sure, there was a birth control movement in the seventies; but the struggle for the right started way earlier than that. 
  3. The right to go to college. Education for woman was low on the priority list; in 1870, just one-fifth higher-education students were women. Today, women outnumber men on campus.
  4. The right to NOT have sex with our husbands. In 1976, the court established that it is illegal for a husband to rape his wife. That was only 35 years ago!  Shocking!

Full list of 9 [via]

  • These are good points… It’s strange how women’s rights have gone up and down over time. In the Ancient World, Egyptian women were allowed to own their own property as were women in various countries of medieval Europe (explaining a lot of ‘forced’ marriages when women inherited property from parents or recently dead husbands).

    Yet, Joan of Arc led an army in France, and Leif Erickson’s sister, Freydis Ericsdottir was captain of her own ship and just as adventurous, and famous, as her brother at the time. (And more feared – she killed her husband for cheating on her.)

    In Canada, women weren’t allowed to attend university until about 1920. And while they won the right to attend university, the institutions tried to keep them out by refusing to turn any of the washrooms into Ladies’ Rooms. (I think the first female graduated university in 1923).

    In spite of all our modern ‘wins,’ our public school system is still refusing to teach history that includes women. All scientific discoveries were made by men, all historically significant things were done by men, and all inventions were created by men – according to what they teach in school. So sad….

  • Give it another 25 years, lol. Sad but true.