Posted by Renee Schmidt

New York is a big city! Finding the nearest restroom is not just a tourist thing. We’ve all encountered a “close call” with nature! How do we cope with the fear of having to hold “it” in?

Imagine pulling out your phone and having it direct you across the street to a clean, public restroom. Leave it to Charmin. They’ve developed a bathroom locator app called SitorSquat that works with GPS to locate for you the nearest and cleanest public restroom!

The data is crowdsourced, i.e. it’s updated socially by the SitOrSquat user base; even allowing users to leave feedback on the toilet location they just visited, so you can be sure to find the nicest bathroom in your area.

Sure, the subject of restrooms isn’t a sexy one but Charmin believes that the bathroom “is a thing to enjoy-even celebrate!” Maybe that’s a stretch, but there’s no arguing that its nice to have access to a clean restroom when you need one!  Bathroom locator; there’s an app for that!

Download the FREE app on iTunes [via]

  • Diane Cross

    This is hilarious but as one that occasionally has a hard time to “hold it in” I would really appreciate an app like this!!

    • @Diane, actually that is a very good app and if people in the medical industry are thinking what I am thinking.. add a few “impovements” and this app can help sufferers of a lot of diseases manage themselves…