Posted by Jesse Braunstein

This one gets the best gaming app award — Cut the Rope is the only app in Apple App Store history that sold a million copies in only nine days!

If you haven’t heard of Cut the Rope, there are only two categories I can attempt to put you in to absolve you from this egregious sin:

  1. Either you are over the age of 60
  2. Or you have been living under a rock

Either way, it’s the hottest, most addictive Apple game ever and it’s about time you heard about it.

Cut the Rope, has yet to be described by anyone, better than by Wikipedia. The main object is to “manoeuver a piece of candy”, by sliding your finger to cut various ropes, “into the mouth of a cartoon monster, called Om Nom, and also to pick up, up to three stars per level by touching them with the candy”.

A simple concept, which drives men mad.

The best way for you to experience the app for yourself is obviously to go download Cut the Rope (worth every penny of its 99 cents), and begin playing, (make sure you have a couple of uninterrupted hours to devote, before you do).

If you want to see more before committing, this cute demo will be sure to whet your appetite:

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