Posted by Jesse Braunstein

Looking for an app to give you remote access? TeamViewer is our best app pick to connect you to any computer you’re not sitting directly in front of!

Ideal for IT companies, TeamViewer is a completely free app available for Android, iPhone and iPad.

Once you download TeamViewer, both on your mobile device and on your desktop, simply enter your partner’s ID and password in order to connect. You will now be able to take control of that desktop, “access all of its documents and installed applications”, and resolve any tech issues remotely!

TeamViewer is definitely worth downloading both because it’s free, and because no one likes being without a crucial document when you can have it, right in front of you.

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  • Lallie

    I would also suggest several similar applications.
    Gotomypc is very reliable in work and has ability to connect up to 20 different systems.
    Webex is a good tool for mobile phones users. You can have more than 1 person access review the system at a time.
    Techinline is my favorite at the moment. It combines simplicity in use and quality in work.Has all necessary functions and very handy “pay as you go” option for occasional use.
    Hope,you find it helpful!

  • Wow! Thanks Lallie, that’s great to know…I use GotoMyPC all the time on my computer for work, but I’ll definitely check out the app now, Thanks!