Posted by Jesse Braunstein

This is definitely THE best shopping app! 

Did you know the Amazon Mobile app allows you to search a gigantic database of products, fill your virtual shopping cart and purchase items, straight from your device?

Although everybody from Harley riders to grandmothers, is familiar with and its standard features, Amazon Mobile is a must-have for a couple of reasons.

  • First of all, it’s absolutely free and can be downloaded right here.
  • Second, is the sheer time killing possibilities Amazon Mobile provides you with. It is linked with your Amazon account, so you can start shopping from home and continue on the go.
  • Third, and the coolest app feature I’ve discovered on any app, is the ability to scan bar codes, in order to search for comparison prices. So if you’re in Best Buy, and thinking of buying a pricey pair of headphones, just scan the bar code and see if Amazon can get it to you for less.
  • Lastly, you can even just take a quick picture of an item you’re interested in purchasing, and have Amazon Mobile find its information and price for you! Crazy, right?

While this app is free, it may in fact leave you penniless, so as always, make sure to shop responsibly!

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