Posted by Jesse Braunstein

I’m enamored with apps that are as elegant and as crucial as EasyBib!

Being that I’m a college student myself (I’m currently a Junior at NYU), I can relate firsthand that I don’t really mind writing lengthy research papers, midterms or even finals.

The absolute worst part of college for me is the sheer annoying factor that writing bibliographies always has!

Fear no more, because EasyBib has just changed your opinion of bibliographies forever. Notorious among students for their bibliography simplifying website, EasyBib has now come out with an app that’s made life even easier.

Favorite Feature:

To me, the absolute best part of the app is the bar code scanning.

Usually, it’s around 2:00 am, the night before a paper is due and I’ve finally just finished. I then realize, as I look at the numerous books scattered across my room that I forgot to do the bibliography. With EasyBib, all I have to do is turn each book over and scan the bar codes one at a time, as I watch the app make my bibliography (with choices between MLA, APA and Chicago styles), for me!

If it sounds as great as it is, download the EasyBib iPhone and iPad app right here for free, and let us know what you think!