Posted by Renee Schmidt

Cleverbug cardsOkay – so this year, you’re going to get on it early and make sure you’re all set for Mother’s Day, right? Well even if this isn’t you and you’ll still be scrambling the day before, there’s an app that makes the whole thing a little easier.

Cleverbug, makers of a new app called Cleverbug Cards, launched a movement for Mother’s Day this year called – we love this – No Mom Left Behind.

They’re giving anyone who downloads the app a free printed card to send your mom for Mother’s Day. We’ve looked at Cleverbug before (they were just birthday cards then), and the thing we love is that they’re super personalized! Essentially, you connect your Facebook account and the app will determine your relationship with the card recipient (Mom!) and then let you personalize it with photos of the two of you (Spring Break at Yellowstone in 1998, anyone?) and a sweet message.

It’s a fun, thoughtful idea that basically allows you keep your spot as son- or daughter-of-the-year, and the card designs are really adorable.

Cleverbug cards for mom

Download Cleverbug at the Apple App Store, and claim your free card today!