Posted by Renee Schmidt

Every SMB must take advantage of powerful Cloud Computing. An SMB (small-midsize business), usually doesn’t have steady cash flow, one of the many reasons to go Cloud!

Although you hear the terms “Cloud Computing”, “Cloud”, “Cloud Solution”, “Moving to the Cloud” and “Cloud Desktopeverywhere, a vast amount of people still have absolutely no idea what this means.

Because of this, I wrote a six part series of “Bytes” for SheBytes, all on different elements of Cloud Computing, which I kicked off with the quintessential; “What is Cloud Computing?” While I highly recommend those of you still unclear on the topic to go and check out each of those posts, allow me to explain exactly what Cloud can do for you.

Here’s a simple quote from that first installment, to give you all a taste of the Cloud:

Cloud Computing describes the accessing of data and applications using the Internet

It’s as easy as that!

Instead of buying physical servers, a business can now lease dedicated, secure and fully managed server space from a Cloud Computing Provider.

But when you look deeper into it, Cloud Computing enables us to do tremendous things like “Run Windows 7 on an iPad” and take your work with you, literally anywhere the road takes you!

Additionally; (and even cooler), was the 12 Hours of Tech event!

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I had back in the beginning of the summer, to share the stage with the brilliant Rackspace CEO; John Engates at the NY; 12 Hours of Tech.

John and I presented in a tag-team style on Virtual Desktop Services Manhattan. With John getting the ball rolling with his part of the presentation, I then stepped in to deliver my take on the industry. Both of us made sure that attendees would leave the event with not only a much more vivid understanding of the “abstract” Cloud, but also that they’d see how the solution could be applied to their own business.

Here are the full videos of our presentations, followed by a couple of things each of us highlighted about the Cloud:

John Engates, Rackspace CEO:

  • Cloud Computing turns a product; servers, into a service; managed hosting
  • Public Cloud: Multi-tenant, consumed over the web with infinite scalability
  • Private Cloud: Single-tenant, consumed over private network with limited scalability

Renee Schmidt (that’s me ;)), Madison Technology CEO:

  • Cloud Servers: Full-featured, enterprise-grade server that grow with your business
  • Cloud Desktops: Challenge the physical boundaries of your desktop- ultimate flexibility in the workplace
  • Cloud Backups: Data protection against natural disaster, error, or system crash
  • Pay only for what you use

To me personally, one of the really key parts of cloud technology is its customizability. For example, at my own company; Madison Technology (MTI) we have hands-on-designed and selected the components we use. Because we have built our multifaceted cloud platform from the ground up; there are no surprises. We know every inch of our system.

This approach allows us to give extremely specific and precise services to our clients; thereby, creating huge values for our customers. Instead of pursuing a one-size-fits-all business model, MTI is aware that each and every business situation is unique. Because no two companies are exactly the same, why would they need the exact same thing? Instead, we personalize solutions so that they fit our customers like a glove, (to cut down on unnecessary costs) but leave enough room for our clients to scale the model when additional resources are needed.

For SMB’s, there is simply no better solution!

Why purchase your own servers, manage them and deal with down time and service when you can rent them and have them fully managed for you?

Because MTI is NY based, we are available around the clock; literally 365-24-7 to make sure that things are running smoothly.

As a Cloud Provider MTI is flexible; to make sure that each and every one of your technology needs is addressed in the plan. This way, with limited and precious capital, you can sit back and relax. No more agonizing over your company’s tech needs which just distracts you from your core business.

So make sure to check out the videos above, to learn why if you’re not already in the Cloud, you should be making the move.

Hope this helps!