Posted by Renee Schmidt

Commerce Science’s Personal Bar helps retailers add a personal touch to their store. Become a personalization hero!

Online shopping is the new norm. For instance, eBay took convenience tech to another level when it introduced eBay Now, a new interface that lets you order products with same-day delivery. Those looking to invest money in e-commerce won’t find a better time than NOW. That said, there are number of barriers that make it a bit difficult to customize an e-commerce store the way one would customize a store in the real world. Retailers today have customized offers and campaigns for different clientele based on a variety of factors (e.g location, etc.) but doing so with an online store is a bit more challenging, since each visitor is so unique and yet masked by an IP address. Online stores find it hard to offer a different version of website/store to each customer. Retailers would like to treat each customer personally but it hasn’t been practical on the web –until now.

Commerce Science, a startup out of Tel Aviv (that I had the pleasure of meeting on a recent tour of Technology in Israel), has come up with a solution – a floating bar that can help retailers customize each visitor’s experience at their store, just the way you would in an offline store. Through the bar, a retailer can not only offer unique deals, coupons and discounts, the retailer can also interact with customers using call-to-action messages, suggestions to start a live chat session, and more. The Commerce Science floating bar will collect non-personal information based on different parameters, including the customers actions on the site, and use this data to personalize the shoppers experience. With one-click customization, retailers can show an entirely different bar to each customer. Using 40 different behavioral patterns, the bar identifies the shopper type and then automatically customizes the shopping experience according to that shoppers needs (taking into account not only that shoppers behavior and also the patterns of similar shoppers that have visited the site in the past).

Commerce Science adds tremendous value to e-commerce online stores, giving users a personal touch that makes them more inclined to shop. It won’t just keep customers on the website longer, it will give them offers and suggestions to help them make shopping decisions more quickly –ultimately improving the shopping experience and increasing sales. The personalized bar is located at the bottom of the screen where the user can see what the website/store has to offer specific to their unique shopping taste. The bar not only makes shopping more effective for the customer, it ultimately helps retailers sell more too!

Commerce Science offers enterprise-level solutions with exceptional performance for both small and large scale e-commerce operators. The Personal Bar won’t disturb page loading either, as it is designed to launch only after the page content has loaded in full. What’s more, there’s no installation necessary. To launch the Personal Bar, all a retailer must do is embed a short piece of code into the static header or footer of a site; much like you would with a piece of Google Analytics code!

The Personal Bar, including the personalization features, are totally free for retailers with up to 400,000 unique visitors monthly. If you’re ready to give your customers an added personal touch to their shopping experience, give Personal Bar a trial run by signing up at Commerce Science. Become a personalization hero; after all, what customer wouldn’t want to buy more when every deal and every discount was tailored just for them?