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Move over smart phones. You can now pre-order a smart fork. And not only is the idea of a connected utensil cool, but HapiFork could actually help you lose weight.

HapiLabs, the makes of HapiFork, say that this product could help dieters by encouraging you to take your time during a meal. Research shows that our bodies take a little time to register feeling full and satisfied, so when you eat quickly, you’ll often eat more than you actually need. The HapiFork measures how long it takes you to eat, how many bites (“fork servings”) you take every minute, and how much time you take between bites. You can then upload this information to your computer dashboard so you can understand your habit and learn to slow down when eating.

Even more effectively, though, the HapiFork will vibrate and light up if you are eating too quickly. This can be pretty helpful if you’re like me and just don’t realize how fast you hork down your food. With any luck, after just a few meals with HapiFork, you’ll be like Pavlov’s dog–but instead of slobbering, you’ll be slowing down at the dinner table.

Once you do upload the mealtime data, however, you can also track your progress via computer or the mobile app and share your information with friends. You can even upload pictures of your meal or add comments to the data. It’s a fun way to stay connected and motivated if you’re part of a weight loss group, and it is also possible to share data with your nutritionist, dietician, trainer, or doctor this way.

HapiFork isn’t just about losing weight, though. According to the manufacturers, a number of other problems stem from eating too fast, including digestive issues like gastric reflux.

Right now, you can pre-order a HapiFork of your own by helping to fund the project on Kickstarter. You’ll have to shell out at least $89 to get one of these bad boys (they’ll be $99 retail after the Kickstarter campaign), but you get to choose from a variety of colors. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your HapiFork giving out after just a few meals: HapiLabs notes that they’re completely safe to wash by hand or in the dishwasher and they stand up to normal wear and tear, like being dropped on the floor.

The first wave of HapiForks is expected to ship in September if the Kickstarted project is completely funded as planned. As of writing this post, over 900 people have already gotten involved, and although I think the price is a little steep, I’m very tempted to jump on board too. Will you become a proud smart fork owner this fall?

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