Posted by Jason Moriarty


Wireless electricity (sans the cord), has been around for quite awhile, dating back to 1890 when Nikola Tesla unleashed power for the first time. However I wouldn’t exactly call his wireless electricity safe for home use; unless you want a really REALLY dark tan.

Things have changed quite a bit since the 19th century. Wireless technology has improved by leaps and bounds, so much in fact we will start seeing this technology rolled-out on a massive scale within the next decade.
Without boring you to tears, here is the overly simplified low-down on how this technology works. A base unit is installed in a person’s home (most likely in the ceiling), and transmits a magnetic field to a corresponding unit (that is much smaller), within an electrical device.  Essentially the base unit powers smaller devices such as lamps, TVs, or even your coffee maker. Pretty cool huh?

The applications for this technology are endless; it will change the way our society interacts with electrical devices. Our homes are setup based on where we can find outlets, those days are gone – if you want to put a TV in the middle of your living room, then damn it put a TV in the middle of your living room! Imagine walking down the street with your iPhone charging or your laptop never going dead during a long flight.  Just be sure not to bring your wireless toaster with you when you take a bath.

This isn’t fiction, this technology exists already – welcome to word that is finally truly wireless.

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