Posted by Renee Schmidt

A recent CNN Tech article titled “Cyber Monday was biggest online shopping day ever in U.S.” reported that, well; Cyber Monday 2011 was a huge success.

To me, this was not a surprise.

SheBytes has focused on various ways shopping is evolving as technology continues to develop and change the ways we purchase.

We’ve previously taken a look at things like the Amazon app, which takes shopping mobile and Square, which does the same for actual payments.

We’ve also looked at how the Internet marketplace has enabled ease of immaterial shop set-up and maintenance, via websites and organizations such as Etsy and of course, Fab.

Basically, modern advances have made customers demand millions of products, at low prices, constantly at their fingertips and suppliers have responded.

It is exactly for this reason that we believe Cyber Monday saw online “spending reaching $1.25 billion… up 22% from…last year’s Cyber Monday.” This news, like the Lipstick effect, is obviously good news for retailers in times of economic downturn.

We hope that such a dramatic spending increase will further push the economy upward and foster activity like decreased unemployment and increased hiring, which will allow all of us to keep on shopping!

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