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With Slice Bookshelf, you can easily track the books you’re purchasing and reading, discover your friends’ recommendations, and swap books with others!

For those of you who are as hungry for new books as I am, Slice Bookshelf is a new social tool you should check out. This platform allows you to discover new reads and share your favorites with friends–and you can even swap books with other users to get great new books to read for free.

The makers of Slice Bookshelf call it a “social reading experience.” To sign up, simply log in with Facebook and Slice Bookshelf will automatically build your library from books you’ve liked. You can also import your lists directly from Goodreads. What sets Slice Bookshelf apart is that it’s less about curating your own history and more about discovering brand new books that fit your tastes. If you give Slice access to your email, it will automatically add all your book purchases, instead of you having to manually tell the platform what books you’ve recently purchased.

This feature is no surprise when you look at the parent company’s main shopping app, which has a similar feature. By using Slice, you can track your online purchases in one place instead of constantly digging through your email to look for shipping tracking numbers, receipts, and more. Slice Bookshelf is simply the book extension of this tool.

When you see a book that looks interesting on Slice Bookshelf, click the title to view more information about it, including a description and its rating on Google. You can also rate the book yourself, mark it as a book you want to read in the future, or add it to one of your bookshelves, and users have the ability to leave a review directly on Slice Bookshelf for their friends to read.

Another interesting feature of Slice Bookshelf is that if one of your friends owns the book, a button will show up on the book’s profile page that allows you to request to borrow it. If none of your friends own it, you can also click a button to purchase it on Amazon.

“A great book stays with us long after we turn the last page, and the experience is made even better by sharing with friends,” said Scott Brady, CEO and co-founder of Slice. “We built Bookshelf with social connections at the core, so recommendations come from the people you know and trust.”

To learn more about Slice Bookshelf, check out the their recent press release.

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