Posted by Renee Schmidt

Etiquette is about more than the correct fork or knife. In today’s society, which is increasingly dependent on technology (with texting more common place than talking), business etiquette is as critical as ever.

In conjunction with National Business Etiquette Week (June 3 to 9), Elizabeth Venturini, a college admissions and career strategist, debuts: ‘Charm School for the College-Bound,’ a workshop for young people on the essentials of business etiquette.

Regardless of how technically savvy you are, “a lack of business and social skills could hold you back from prime academic, social, and future career opportunities,” Venturini shares. That’s because young people (especially those entering the work force for the first time) will still be measured on personal presentation, a skill untaught in contemporary curriculum.

Venturini shares that good manners and basic business etiquette can be the “winning edge in an increasingly competitive job market.” Venturini is no stranger to business etiquette; prior to starting Scholasticus, a college career strategy practice, she held marketing positions with several Fortune 500 companies, often hosting international events for senior executives, clients, and the press. Venturini has seen first-hand how business etiquette can make or break a business relationship.

Venturini offers four simple tips for a great first impression:

  • Connecting While Chatting: Single word answers may work over text, but in person, complete sentences that add something of value to a conversation are key.
  • Take Your Eyes Off the Screen: Cell phones and tablets must remain off and away at all times.
  • Smile! It Beats an Emoticon: Smiling and eye contact speaks volumes about your confidence.
  • Stand Up and Show Up: When meeting someone for the first time, stand up. It’s a quiet and compelling demonstration of respect.

Learn more business etiquette tips by signing up for a Charm School for the College-Bound workshop (worldwide via Skype or in-person in LA) by visiting