Posted by Renee Schmidt

On July 6-22, immerse yourself in NY_Hearts: LES, a virtual love story you can experience through an app.

Audio books are ‘in’ but imagine a whole new way of storytelling –with an app. An app through which you hear the real sounds and see the real sites of the narrative –as though you’re actually there!  That’s the idea behind the Moveable Feast app.  The app allows you to create and share “multimedia narratives.”  It can be a tour when you’re far off traveling, within which you can include images, videos, and text –all connected to GPS coordinates and a “virtual trail” that others will be able to follow using their iPhone or desktop. 

Much like a walking tour, the Moveable Feast App is all about immersing yourself into a virtual tour as you listen to a story –a virtual love story. It’s a new concept in story telling, which may intimidate audible book creators. Why? Because you get more than just a story.  You also get immersed into the background, sounds and real scenes described in it. The concept is fascinating, since the practical use for the app isn’t limited to NYC alone. I imagine an entire industry around app-based walking tours, available from NYC to the Great Wall of China.

The startup has developed two apps thus far: an app for the desktop that enables you to create visual, location-based stories, or tours, and an iPhone app (available on iTunes) that allows you to experience them.

Using the app, producer James Carter, launches the first of his five neighborhood love stories in July 2012 as part of the Brick Theater’s Game Play Festival. For the first love story, five businesses in the Lower East Side will be participating: Yoga High, The Fat Radish, Bosi, Lost Weekend NYC, My Plastic Heart and The Parkside Lounge. By partnering with NY_Hearts LES, the businesses have chose to become part of the virtual love story that will run on the app for almost three weeks.

James Carter explains more in this video:

Carter promises “NY_Hearts: LES is only the beginning. Following a successful launch of the the Lower East Side story, NY Hearts plans to expand to other NYC neighborhoods in the fall and winter of 2012. These neighborhood-based experiences provide the foundation for a much larger story experience that will spill out onto many digital and physical media platforms, including a web series in 2013.”

Tickets are available at, and with it, you will get partner freebies like a free yoga class and even a gourmet lunch!  Learn more about NY_Hearts.