Posted by Renee Schmidt

The FamilyLeaf app is a new, intimate social network, allowing you to keep it all in the Family.  Setup family ‘branches’ and truly (and openly) share your life with those you trust and love the most. 

The 21st century has quickly become the century of social media and social networking. People of all ages are now constantly connected, from any and everywhere. Whether it’s using a computer, phone, iPad or tablet, even television, people use social media networks to share their lives with one another. But who are we really sharing with?

According to a recent study by Pew, a whopping 30% on average of peoples’ Facebook friends are practically strangers (friends of friends, dormant ties, other miscellaneous unclassifiables). Further, with difficult to manage and often shaky privacy settings, there’s no telling who we’re keeping informed with our pictures and videos, thoughts, even personal information. The same study found that the main reason people report using social networking is to connect with family, yet only 20% on average of peoples’ Facebook friends actually are family. Something just doesn’t add up!

In deed, there’s a lot of information we’d like to share with family, but not all of our other so-called “friends,” and vice versa. We end up spending so much time connected, but often holding back from truly sharing, openly, with the ones most important to us.

Now there’s finally a solution: FamilyLeaf, a new concept in social networking which allows you to keep it all in the fam. Whether it’s posting photos and videos of baby’s first steps, sharing a “tidbit” from your day, Grandma posting her famous peach cobbler recipe, or even just starting an open conversation about holiday plans, the FamilyLeaf app is a private place to share your life with your family.

Some features of the FamilyLeaf app include:

  • Photo and video sharing; can be posted from your computer, imported from services like Facebook and Flickr, or even through sending an email to your family’s personalized FamilyLeaf email address. When posted to FamilyLeaf, your family has instant online access (a unified family photo album!). Pictures and videos can be tagged, commented on, or even “loved.”
  • Chat / conversations; once an account is created and you’ve added family members to a family branch, you can start communicating on the conversation board. It’s great for sharing recent information, making get-together plans, even just reminiscing. Say goodbye to email chains and mass texting!
  • Store contact info; family members can easily add and update respective contact information (addresses, phone numbers, e-mails, and birthdays). Have on unified set of information; no more outdated information!
  • Tidbits; you can share tidbits from your day using your phone or computer. Whether it’s a food pic or a new sight you enjoyed, what you’re doing that very moment, or even a random thought, tidbits enables users to share bits of life with the family so you can grow closer, no matter how geographically far apart. You can even setup daily text and/or email reminders.
  • Family Branches; the FamilyLeaf app is both safe and secure for you and your family. FamilyLeaf lets you create multiple family branches and only share certain info with certain branches (ex: different sides of the family).
  • Views on Posts; with the FamilyLeaf app you can easily see which of your family members have logged on and viewed your posts!

FamilyLeaf is already in use by people in over 100 countries and will soon be available in multiple languages! If you’re ready to try a more intimate social network, learn more or to try the FamilyLead app [via]