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This holiday season get them that Star Wars USB they’ve always wanted…

Just because something’s weird or ‘freaky’, doesn’t mean that people aren’t going to want to buy it.

So with that in mind, SheBytes has broken it down and found something weird for your friend, wife and boss.


Case and point: MIMOBOT Star Wars Flash Drives

Available in a bunch of classic character versions such as R2-D2, Darth Vader and the unforgettable C-3PO above, these gifts are perfect for the geeky and freaky on your shopping list. They come in 4GB models for $24.99 each and are well worth the smile on the face of that friend of yours who’s been waiting for this moment forever.


I hate to stereotype, but women are always right.

That being said, we appreciate few things more than being told we are right by men.

That’s where the Google mug above comes in (just $14). Get this funny gift for your wife and she will keep on being told she knows everything (which she does, by the way), every time she has her morning coffee.

Best part: This mug will tell her ‘she’s right’ for you…


Social media has become a gigantic part of our lives. Facebook, with its unforgettable ‘Like’ button has people sharing and interacting more than ever.

So what better way to show your boss that you like the way they handle things around the office than by giving them this Facebook ‘Like’ and ‘Dislike’ stamp set for only $10!

They’ll feel in full control, and will be able to click (stamp), they’re personal approval (hopefully ‘Dislike’ will get less usage), on their way to success.

Thanks for reading!

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