Posted by Renee Schmidt

Everyone knows that retro is the new modern.

And, SheBytes agrees!

As opposed to the radical decline in CD sales that have occurred in the last decade, (no thanks I’m sure to iTunes…we love you Apple 😉 ), record sales are actually blossoming and making a comeback.

That’s why this Freaky Friday, we’ve found the perfect gift for that modern-meets-retro, hipster-wanna-be friend we’ve all got…or are.

Check out these stunning Native Union, Moshi Moshi Pop Phones:

Profiled in Wired, and available in a variety of colors (my favorite’s the dark purple, although I heard it’s made in red too), from Amazon for only $30, this is the first Freaky Friday product we actually are going to encourage you to go ahead and buy.

More whimsical and fashion related than practical, these showstoppers are sure to get you noticed while walking around the city. If you’re not that daring, but like most New Yorkers; lack a house phone, then this addition to your iPhone is an absolute must for home.

Plug in, dial up, and drop back 40 years into blissful hipster-ness.

Thanks for the tip on this awesome phonetastical device, Bryce (hey, that rhymes!)