Posted by Renee Schmidt

Since the beginning of SheBytes “Freaky Friday, IT Oddities” series, we’ve seen the stupid, the scary, and the fuzzy.

This week’s edition; is just downright dangerous!

Researchers in Berlin have begun to experiment with using the brain as a way to control an automobile.

Yeah…the brain.

The team at Freie Universität, figured out that by using a whole bunch of sensors and EEG scanners they would be able to make someone think the maneuvers they wanted the car to make, and the car would respond appropriately.

They first accustomed the individual, thank God, to this type of brain control, with a simple computer game. The subject had to move a cube right or left, only through the use of his brain waves.

Although the video above, released by the German lab, seems pretty mellow; the whole idea made me nervous in ways that are hard to describe.

Forget about regular distractions!!

What if someone is singing along with the radio to Beyoncé’s 2006 hit single, “Irreplaceable”, with its catchy, falsetto line; “To the left, To the left”? Will the car just instantly swerve into the guardrail?

Let’s hope they test out this technology extensively before releasing it to the market, because although most people “could…walk and talk at the same time”, driving and singing can be very hazardous.

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