Posted by Renee Schmidt

Bryce Gruber takes it to the streets of the Occupy Wall Street movement with tampons and a glittery picket sign: “free tampons to stop economic bleeding.”

For the last month or so, there’s been a leaderless resistance movement taking place in downtown Manhattan; it’s called Occupy Wall Street.  The movement includes people of all colors, genders and political persuasions taking a stand against greed and corruption.  They are the 99% that will no longer tolerate the 1%!

Wearing sky-high gold stilettos, a sequined cocktail dress, carrying a multipack of tampons, and a glittery picket sign stating “free tampons to stop the economic bleeding,” my girlfriend Bryce, Editor of the LuxurySpot, traveled to the heart of the movement yesterday morning.  At Zuccotti Park, Bryce collected the accounts of the WOMEN protesters.  SheBytes is all about thought-leadership in women; Because, I was so moved by Bryce’s bold actions and her account of the protest, I had to share it with the SheBytes readers!

As Bryce put it, “Everyone is covering the political side. The economic side. The fiscal policy side. The legal side… but no one has stopped to talk to the women.”

So who are the women who have braved the elements in the name of societal “injustice”?  They are an incredible bunch!  Read Bryce’s account and check out more images here: We Occupied Wall Street with the Women

Incredible images via Adrian Rand

SIDE NOTE: Bryce’s sequined dress was an $8 snag at a Connecticut thrift shop… #winning 🙂