Posted by Renee Schmidt

Gift suggestion takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect present. The Gift Professor algorithms and social psychology reinvents our approach to standard shopping.

A gift that’s as easy as a gift card but much more personal and unique. Sounds too good to be true?  If an app or website could promise you that, you’d make short work of that gift-buying list., a web- and app-based shopping tool, can help you experience Zen-like shopping satisfaction. OK, maybe not quite Zen-like, but it sure feels good to have a couple more people on your list checked off –all in one online stop!

The Gift Professor (iOS app, Android app and website) is an in-depth shopping tool, built to help you find the perfect gift for each particular person on your list. Gift Professor offers you a short Q&A about your gift recipient upfront so you can get to the good stuff quickly. You begin by taking a quick survey querying thirteen carefully-applied filters based on Interests, Occupation, Personal Style, Personality and Relationship. The result is a list of thoughtfully selected gift ideas for you to choose from, perfectly tailored for your recipient.

Gift Professor was created around the idea that a gift creates a link between people. Gifts are expressions of personal affection and respect, and maybe even gratitude. Gift Professor endeavors to mimic the mind of a great gift giver by weighing in on all the attributes that make up a relationship and knowledge of the recipient’s interests. Finding gifts that match relationships is what Gift Professor is all about.

You can create multiple gift recipient profiles as you use Gift Professor to find gift for your friends and family; no double input required. Input some information about your brother, husband, grandma, best friend, boss and roommate. Each recipient survey will produce different results, customized to the information you’ve provided.

The results page is an infinite scroll (Pinterest-style) of products representing each of your sister’s (for example) interests. The survey allows Gift Professor to dive into 700 categories of products to produce a list containing the most appropriate gift for your loved one. Gift Professor is a better way of browsing.

Gift Professor assembled 2000 top gift merchants and carefully curated over 70,000 unique gift idea. Your custom gift suggestion results come from multiple categories at once, so you do not have to jump from category to category, merchant to merchant or even page to page, even repeating or revising searches the way you would on typical e-commerce sites.The site is designed to simplify your shopping task. GiftProfessor wants to get you past the menus and decisions as quickly as possible to a results page of many relevant ideas.

Many Gift Professor smartphone shoppers report using the app for Q&A and a computer to parse the hundreds of highly relevant infinite scroll results in the gift suggestion list. The site is fully interoperable between phone and computer or tablet. GiftProfessor is also an organizational tool. Users can save products to personalized stores for each of their loved ones for future reference. They can set and receive special occasion reminders two weeks ahead of each event to allow for shipping. The mobile app lets people fill out recipient surveys and browse through a gift suggestion list on the go. Download the app on the website,, or at the App Store or Google Play. Once Microsoft gets their act together, he will offer it there too.

Gift Professor is ever-evolving. The process was created by a team of social psychology doctoral candidates and exceptional computer scientists. The platform is a science aimed at breaking away from standard shopping approaches. Gift Professor’s specially trained product finders add hundreds of best-in-class gift ideas each day, keeping the gift selection fresh and dynamic.

When someone gives “the perfect gift,” they are appreciated. The recipient feels a true connection. That’s hard to achieve with a gift card but not with the help of the Gift Professor. Check out Gift Professor; just in time for the holiday season!