Posted by Renee Schmidt

Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Cupcake… Google?  If you’re a techie or a foodie, you’re sure to like this one!

It’s clear that the world’s tech companies have extremely brilliant and wildly creative employees. By creating an open, different and inviting environment, these tech goliaths are able to snag countless beautiful minds.

Much of this originality and individuality goes into the initial brainstorming, research and development of the companies output.

Thankfully though, it always seems that these tech companies get most creative and fun, when the time comes to name their products and services.

Apple went the feline route for a while, naming their operating systems (OS’s) after, well; consistently bigger and badder cats. This is a move SheBytes hopes will change, if (and when), they decide to merge their two OS’s.

Now Google is a different entity entirely.

While the company is clearly most famous for its apparently unbeatable and now universal, Google Search, the company has developed a multitude of successful products and services.

The Android devices are just one of Google’s fruitful ventures, but one that has a decidedly amusing and playful quality:

Google names these consecutive devices, alphabetically, after desserts (yummy).

So far they have released; “Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread and…Honeycomb”.

They have even built massive celebratory/commemoratory statues of these icons outside of their headquarters in California; as seen in these pictures…excessive much?

So while the reasoning behind this strange but tasty move still remains secret and unknown to the public, I have a theory behind these delectable designations.

I see it as a power move.

Now although you may find, naming your products after treats to be a strange incarnation of a “power move”, the reasoning is simple. Because Google is aware of the megalith position they occupy in the tech industry, they’re just poking fun and mocking companies who actually have to think of legitimate names for their products.

Let us know what you think about Google’s name choices, below!