Posted by Renee Schmidt

What is the best gadget for pets? For your dog, it is the Retrieva Collar, the world’s first tracking and anti-theft dog collar.  Using GPS technology, the Retrieva Collar will make sure Fido is never lost.  The collar locates your pet and displays the information to you via computer or cell phone.  Integrated, snug-fitting yet comfortable design, the collar is made of anti-cut webbing and includes automated tamper and anti–theft alerts.

This collar is super advanced.  There are too many features to list, my favorites are below:

  • Live tracking to your computer, mobile phone, or iPad.
  • Provides speed of dog and direction of travel data.
  • Location and full status messages on request.
  • Capability to create virtual fences (geofence).
  • Panic alert button for the owner (ex: if something happens out on a hike), device will send your location to chosen phone numbers.
  • Alert messages on battery strength, arriving / leaving safe areas.
  • Historical record of walks, speed of travel, time. Records up to 7,000 locations and data within its memory so you can view history of walks and see where your dog really goes if it escapes, or spends all day roaming.
  • Waterproof so your dog can go swimming with it on!
  • Works on all smartphones including iPhone, Nokia, HTC, Samsung, etc. It will show your location relative to the dog using your phone’s GPS capability. Blackberry’s do not support live tracking.
  • Partnered with ViewRanger to deliver market leading topographical mapping software for terrain.
  • International coverage using international roaming SIM card.
  • LED-based performance feedback, so you can see how good signal strength is.
  • Updates for the operating system ‘over the air’ via automatic download.

I’m a big time animal lover and the idea of losing a pet is horrifying.  Poor helpless thing out there all on its own… ugh!  If you own a bit of land, you have an active pooch, or your dog runs ahead and off on his own during morning walks, this collar is for you.  Available to Buy or Rent.  (Starting at $285 for purchase or 10-day rental – great for a trip – for $59 – Retreiva)

FYI:  The device has many other practical uses, ex: for vulnerable people (i.e. GPS tracking for children, vulnerable/sick and elderly people).  Learn more here.