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click and grow smart garden

Click & Grow smart garden technology makes it easy to grow herbs and flowers indoors with very minimal effort on your part.

The idea of a “smart” garden is super attractive to me. I’ll be the first to admit that my thumb is closer to black than it is to green. Last year, in my attempts to grow some herbs for my kitchen, I killed mint. Yes, mint. For those of you out there who are not gardeners, mint is invasive, like a weed, and nearly impossible to kill. I found a way.

Yet, I do like fresh herbs and vegetables, so I’ve been looking for a solution to my natural plant-killing tendencies. A Click & Grow Smart Garden might be just what I need!

Click & Grow uses a specially engineered “growth medium” instead of normal potting soil. This nanotech material is engineered to give plant roots the access to the right amounts of nutrients, water, and oxygen. You just fill the reservoir with water and the garden will do the rest. The new Smart Herb Garden version, which was recently successfully funded on Kickstarter, also has a special LED growing light that looks natural and uses only six watts of energy, which means that your new garden only takes about $5 to run for an entire year. The older Click & Grow gardens, currently available on their website, use four AA batteries.

Click & Grow starter kits currently sell for $79 and you can choose from basil, chili pepper, cockscomb, or mini tomatoes. You can get refill cartridges for any of these plants, or for several other types of flowers or herbs. Refills cost $20 each. The new herb garden grows three plants at a time, and these smaller cartridges are projected to cost $5 to $15 each (under $10 on average).

A pretty cool feature beyond growing the plants is that you can activate your Click & Grow Smart Garden online to track your growth. They’ll send you tips on keeping your garden happy and add you to the map of gardeners around the world using Click & Grow.

This seems like a great solution for anyone lacking a patch of soil or outdoor space for potted plants, and as they point out on their Kickstarter page, Click & Grow is also perfect for people who travel or get too busy to worry about watering plants. It seems like it would be extremely hard to unintentionally kill your Click & Grow garden, even if you’re the worst gardener in the world.

I enjoy a challenge.

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