Posted by Renee Schmidt

We all have loved ones whom we care about and want always to remain safe. Unfortunately, women in particular, continuously face situations that compromise their safety and are potentially dangerous (e.g., when living far from home, leaving work late at night, going on blind-dates, meeting friends at a bar or walking to their car or home alone, to name a few). In such cases, it is not easy to get help when and where it is needed.

Guard My Angel is a new app that’s all about personal security. Although the app has women in mind, in truth, it is meant for anyone who feels they want their loved ones notified in the event they may be in trouble.

Here’s one example of how the app works:

  • You’re going for a jog in the evening.  You know you won’t be gone for more than an hour.  If you’re gone for any longer than that, you want your emergency contacts notified.  Before you leave home, you set Guard My Angel to alert your contacts if you don’t disable the app within 1 hour.
  • In the event of an emergency, the app will notify your emergency contacts and also provide them with your GPS coordinates from the moment you enabled the app.  But don’t worry; if there’s no emergency, your whereabouts are never shared.  In fact, Guard My Angel will not track you via GPS unless the app is enabled –which means you determine how long you want your ‘angel’ to guard you. Your privacy is always safe.

This app is for anyone interested in personal safety, albeit, most of those who download this app are women, who have to drive alone, walk alone or who jog alone. It’s especially useful for parents of teens headed to college for the first time. Reviews of this app at the Google App Store are stellar at 4.8 out of 5.0 stars. Zmom1217 writes: ” I’m a man and I enjoy this app; it makes you feel safe if you’re in a sketchy situation with or without backup… “.

The app is also equipped with an SOS function, which I particularly like.  If you’re in trouble, all you have to do is silently press the SOS button. Even if your attacker manages to disable your phone, the Guard My Angel servers will still alarm your emergency contacts, even sending them your GPS coordinates. If you are tragically immobilized, the Guard My Angel servers will trace your last known location to help others trace your whereabouts from that point.

What if you are in a car accident? Guard My Angel developers explain: “When you activate the application with ‘Watch Over Me’ and this option is enabled, we will monitor your acceleration and trigger emergency alert as soon as we identify abnormal forces that are typically observed during car accident. We will trigger and alert only when the forces exceed 5G-Force that are unlikely to occur when dropping the phone. Enabling this option does consume more battery, but it is optimized for minimal battery usage.”

Guard My Angel is an incredible app, and what’s more –it’s FREE! This is one app that should be in everyone’s pocket to make sure that our families, friends and inner circles KNOW how to help us when we are in trouble.

Available for iPhone and Android. Learn more here.