Posted by Renee Schmidt


Using the platform Pluralis, you can connect with designs to optimize your landing page for conversions.

In January I ran a story about the innovative approach Pluralis takes regarding conversion optimization. The story was exciting to me as a website owners, so I wanted to do a short follow up! In a nutshell, Pluralis takes away the pains of running landing page optimization projects in-house. The company lets you source the creative work to a crowd of conversion optimizers, a growing professional community. Then Pluralis tests the landing page variations these optimizers create, using its built in A/B testing tool.

Since its launch in 2011, advertisers from various industries have been running landing page optimization projects with Pluralis. According to Hagi Erez, the company’s founder, these advertisers now benefit from conversion lifts that range from 10% to well over 100% on some web pages.   

My Experience with Pluralis

I was intrigued by the potential lift I could get on SheBytes, my very own blog, and joined as a customer. The challenge I gave the Pluralis community was to increase the sales of my Blogging Book. I received about a dozen creative variations of my page, and Pluralis tested the best of the bunch them over the course of several weeks.

My original landing page was hardly as good as some of the new page versions. The revision that came in second generated a 96% lift in comparison with my page. The best one generated a lift of 485%! Yes, you read it right…

Food for Thought

Well, I knew in advance my page needed some work, so the very fact I experienced a great improvement in conversions was not jaw dropping. Nevertheless, the variety of optimization options and the feedbacks I received from the optimizers who worked on the page gave me great food for thought. Eventually, I decided to redesign my page altogether, and thanks to Pluralis, I now have a much clearer picture on what my new landing page should look like.  

New features and optimization options

A month ago Pluralis made some interesting changes to their offerings – they opened their A/B testing system to the public with an aggressively priced monthly subscription (acting as a value contender in the crowded testing arena).

In addition, you can now run a budget-minded optimization project by summoning a mini-crowd of Pluralis’ finest optimizers (three or more at a time). I will surely try out this one soon.