Posted by Jesse Braunstein

Wondering how a Virtual Desktop (ie: Desktops in the Cloud) works?  If you want to know how to access one, we have the details in video!

Virtual Desktops (aka cloud desktops) are the way of the future, and I felt that the best way to gain a true sense of appreciation for the “groundbreaking-ness” of a Cloud Desktop as a radical innovation is to see it in action. So Renee and I created a clear and concise video demonstration / tutorial of how to use an iPad and iPhone 4 (as a tether) to carry your desktop with you everywhere you go.

As we recently posted on the technology site Technorati, Cloud Computing is the undisputed future of the IT industry, but because of its intangible nature, there are millions upon millions of people who still have absolutely no clue what it is. Let’s just say that Cloud Computing is the process of accessing data and various other programs and applications through the Internet.

While this may not sound earth shattering, when this technology is harnessed correctly, it allows you to rent your hardware rather than buy it; a paradigm shift in the way people traditionally compute.

Cloud Desktops are the most intriguing form of Cloud Computing. Unfortunately, they too are immaterial (being virtual and all) and therefore they are difficult for people to wrap their heads around, so I wish to simplify further. A Cloud Desktop is your computer located in the Cloud.

Renee highlighted the many benefits of Cloud Desktops in an article she published on I’ve been observing a Virtual Desktop running on an iPad 2 for the last 2 months or so. In three words: I’m blown away.

I think that Cloud Desktops are the first of a line of services which give us a broad window out into the future. Because of the ever increasing rapidity of internet speeds, the developments in tablet technology and the growing popularity of thin clients, Cloud Desktops point to a time where full-fledged computers and even laptops will become obsolete.

I envision that people will carry around mobile devices (even screen-less ones) that plug into touch-screen terminals which allow them to access their own desktop, from anywhere!

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