Posted by Renee Schmidt

iPeriod is one of the best iPhone Apps. Women, brace yourselves!  Here’s a review of a must-have application you won’t find on Engadget, Gizmodo, or Tech Crunch!

iPeriod (discreetly named iP on your shortcut screen), is an App available for iPhone and iPad.  Designed for all women of child bearing age, this is a must-have app to keep track of the entire feminine minutia that comes with being a woman.

The iPeriod is an easy to use tool for keeping track of periods, symptoms, moods, weight & more.  Once you’ve entered in some information, you’ll be able to see when your next period is expected and how long it should last. After you’ve tracked several months, you’ll be able to compare your cycle history in case you need to look for patterns.

Based on a sampling of dates you input, iPeriod can use your own menstrual history to predict periods for up to 12 months out (great for planning vacations, weddings, etc.)  The iPeriod can also be used if you are trying to get pregnant; it predicts ovulation and fertility (which is also great for trip planning!).

If updated regularly, the app can compare your cycle history in case you need to look for patterns; great for when you go to the OBGYN! If that’s not cool enough, the app will actually send you alerts for when your period is expected or even if it’s late!

The iPeriod comes with extensive customization options, letting you choose from 26 free skins, 4 calendar styles, or symptom selection; like choosing which icons appear on the calendar.  This thoughtful app will even cross sync your data across devices (ex: your iPad and iPhone), so you have your data whenever you need it.

Here are a few other neat features:
• Password protection
• Export and print your data to take to your doctor appointments
• Breast exam reminders

I think the iPeriod app is brilliant!

The iPeriod by WinkPass can be downloaded for free at the App Store; there’s also an ads-free version available for download for just $1.99.