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The iPhone 4S is here; we have an official SheBytes reveiw and pictures of the new iPhone!  The release was today; our unboxing and your first look!

The wait is officially over and we have a first look at the iPhone 4S!  For those of you who tried avoiding queues that started forming as early as 6am this morning (the more active fans were already there from night before) we bring you images in our “Unboxing of iPhone 4s” which was purchased just couple hours ago at Apple’s Upper West side store.

To our surprise all models were available today including fresh 64GB addition, which we have the pleasure to showcase.

The model: iPhone 4s 64GB in White (no white after Labour day, doesn’t apply in this case :p ) AT&T locked contract free version

The Updates: Dual-core A5 processor (considerably faster,same speed as Ipad 2) 8-Megapixel rear camera, full 1080p30 HD video, and our favorite exclusive to Iphone 4s model SIRI , voice recognition system that acts as a personal assistant (a reason for an upgrade alone)

Siri: The most surprising and exiting feature is Siri, a personal assistant, all you need is hold the home button for a mic icon to appear, and you can ask any question you wish… 

We asked Siri

“What is the population of New York?”

Siri replies:

“This might answer your question” 

We said “Thank you” as a joke without hoping for a response, and thats when we were sold on the Iphone 4s upgrade, Siri replied ” Your wish is my command” 🙂

We decided to test it again asking “what is the weather like today” , SIRI replies “It doesn’t look so nice today” 

Siri’s witty sense of humor is incredible….

Camera: For your personal comparison, we took an image of the same cup with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s  

iPhone 4 – Original Camera


iPhone 4S – New Camera

THE VERDICT: This is the best model yet for those of you who decide to switch from RIM, or Android, you are doing it at the right time, as a combination of a faster processor, SLR type camera, freshly updated iOS 5 and last and not least Siri update makes this to our opinion one of the leading smartphones available on the market today and newly integrated iCloud support is just an icing .. same goes for those of you who are thinking of upgrading from a 3G or any previous models. However if you have an iPhone 4 which you just installed iOS 5 on, you could hold on until the next model, but Siri and 8-Megapixel making it a very difficult temptation to resist.

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