Posted by Renee Schmidt
New and enhanced features are in store with the upcoming iPad and new iPhone 5; including iOS 6 facebook integration. That’s because Apple’s new iOS 6 is loaded!

We’ve got all the highlights:

  • There’s the Passbook, a new app to help you organize and control coupons, boarding passes and credit cards. 
  • You’ve also got trusted Siri to keep you company. Interested in knowing the score for the Knicks game?  Siri’s got you covered; simply ask her. New Siri doesn’t just talk about sports but also the latest news, the nearest restaurant, or where to park.  Siri is a Virtual Assistant in your hand.  If you need to know something, just ask her. Don’t mistake Siri for nothing more than an audible Google Search.  The updated release will be integrated with Yelp and Open table, so Siri can even help you make restaurant reservations. She’ll also be able to fetch an IMDB movie review and Fandango tickets on movie night.
  • No habla Ingles? No worries, Siri will come in almost all major languages, including Spanish, French Canadian, French, German and even Italian dialects for Italy and Switzerland. She’ll also be available in Asian languages such as Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean.
  • Since Siri will be available on the iPad, we hear that automakers like Toyota, Mercedez Benz, Chrysler and Honda are planning to integrate the app into their car designs.
  • iOS 6 Facebook Integration: iOS6 will neatly integrate your iPhone 5 or new iPad with Facebook. This will enable users to post to their Facebook accounts, using Apple apps. For instance you’ll be able to paste directly from your photo albums into Facebook. Or post your location directly from Maps. You’ll also be able to sync your calendar, dates and events with your Facebook account.
  • A feature I personally love is the new Do Not Disturb (DND) feature. If you dislike phone call or text message sleep disruptions, you’ll love it too!  You can actually flag numbers that “may disturb you” – for instance, a member of your family or your parents. Repeated calls, however, are assumed to be an emergency and if anyone tries to call you for say more than a dozen times, it’ll ring, and you’ll have the choice of ignoring or taking the call.
  • Another nice functionality is 3G support for FaceTime (albeit, the quality is inferior to WiFi).
  • Safari is getting live synchronization of tabs with desktop Safari. So you have a browsing experience unified and in sync with iCloud. Thus, if you want to read anything marked “read later” you can do so when you’re waiting for someone or stuck in a train (even without internet connection). Safari will also allow you to upload photos to a website or upload document files!
But that isn’t all; there will be many more applications and features. The new iPad and iPhone 5 are rumored to be arriving this Fall; we are sure Apple won’t disappoint with iOS 6 –but that iOS 6 facebook integration…exciting!