Posted by Jesse Braunstein

The ‘i’m Watch’ smartwatch is the “first real smart watch;” essentially a smartphone that you wear on your wrist. It has music, calling, web browsing, apps, and social media and of course it tells the time.

SheBytes has always been interested in innovation. The word innovation itself sounds cool, sleek, and modern and usually reminds me personally of a smooth, clean finish surface. Now although I don’t know much about design or fashion, alright, I confess that I know nothing about the topic, for some reason, I always think of some sort of MoMA or Apple type look when I hear that word; innovation. I checked out my ever handy for a definition of innovation, and this is what they came up with: “something new or different introduced”

Although this definition seems simple enough, I think for the way I think of innovation this meaning is oversimplified and lacking in a key respect. Innovation and thereby change, rarely if ever come about without someone going against the grain. This is so true that it makes more sense for me to perceive innovation as something literally scraping away at the smoothness of the current situation. Successful innovation however, not only digs its nails in and makes a mark, but also smooths the surface down even more, winnowing it to close the gap between people and technology.

The video below does a great job of introducing i’m watch and setting the stage:


But what I really noticed about i’m Watch is how brilliantly risky the entire operation is. From the business model, to the underlying concept, this is a company who’s not at all afraid of challenging the norm.

While the clever ‘i’m’ branding and marketing, really does a fantastic job of tying everything together nicely; from the ‘i’m Jewel’ model of the watch to the ‘i’market’ app store, one thing is blaringly obvious in this picture:

A watch that does all of these things is traditionally extremely uncool!

Few things scream nerdy and loser, more than a watch that’s more than a watch. That being said, I feel like i’m Watch has successfully shattered this stereotype. Whether the concept and product is a huge winner or a gigantic flop, ‘i’m’ has already won me over with its passion for daring innovation and adventurous ideas.

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