Posted by Jesse Braunstein

Once in a blue moon, we have that subtle moment of revelation…

All the time; a multitude of ideas are flowing around us and right through us, but how rare is the occasion where we are able to hold that instant long enough to bring it out.

One man who certainly had the ability to hold onto that moment was Jim Henson. Henson is probably the world’s most famous puppeteer.

Now if “puppeteer” isn’t the coolest job title in the world, I don’t know what is.

Henson’s creation and deep development of The Muppet’s is literally world renown. While some may see a grown man’s passion for puppets, as a sign of insanity; especially given Henson’s hands on involvement throughout his life, I see the man as a pure genius.

Now although it may be nearly impossible to devise a general definition for the term “genius”, (which is why I won’t submit you to any definition I find online), I will submit you to Supreme Court Justice Stewart’s infamous quote; and say that “I know it when I see it…”

Jim Henson’s creativity; his obsession even, with puppets, is a sign of a man who had the most envied gift in existence; eyes that see things from the outside.

I personally believe, that there is something to be learned from every single individual on this planet and Henson, who was able to act on his foreign visions, is certainly no exception.

He was quoted as saying:

If this person, who had an extremely high level of originality, is claiming that even he doesn’t know “where ideas come from”, then boy; aren’t we in trouble!

But Henson confidently responds to this problem with the call to us to learn “how to receive the ideas waiting to be heard.” This is an extremely powerful statement as it assumes that the ideas are already within us; but I certainly agree with Henson on this point.

Even though, at first there may be just a whisper of an impression; an undercurrent so gentle that we hardly take notice as it passes through us unseen and unsung, if we humble ourselves enough to silence the static of the mind, we are able to hear.

The ideas are there, just “waiting to be heard”, now it’s all up to us to hush the inner critic, listen to the self to translate these thoughts and bring them to fruition.

Jesse Braunstein is a Junior at NYU double majoring in Economics and Psychology. Jesse joined Madison Technology and in May 2011 as a summer intern. Jesse has been instrumental in utilizing his expanding background to come up with creative perspectives on the Marketing, Advertising and Business Development initiatives at both Madison Technology and Jesse’s outlook stems from an Economics and Psychology education and a deep understanding of the individual and how the individual acts within and interacts with the market.  Follow Jesse on Twitter and Facebook. Check out his