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If you want to increase your daily productivity, you can do so by learning Google. Subscribe to a course from Google itself and learn how.

We use Google everyday for all sorts of things. We search for confusing terms, we look up restaurants for places to dine, we even use Google to find out more about our business competitors. Google is everywhere and presumably, everyone knows how to use it –right?

Not so fast…

Google isn’t all about entering your search term and scrolling through results. There are many unknown tools that come built into this seemingly simple search engine; tools that can boost your productivity. It all starts with learning Google. For instance, with ‘Inside Search‘ you can search using an image instead of a word/phrase (did you know this?!).

Similarly, you can search within a website using Google (site-search, which is available on some websites, is a different thing). You can even filter your search results for color, size, locations, and various other factors when searching for images. Just knowing how to use the three tools outlined above could certainly improve one’s productivity!

Google is a simple yet powerful search engine that consumes a significant portion of our online activity, especially while we work. Learning Google means you can save time and get more out of your search activity.

Learning Google will give you a definite edge over your colleagues. You can complete tasks more quickly, and more accurately. If you are a student, knowing how to make the most of Google can be the best thing to happen to you.

Understanding the need to educate its users, Google has started offering online courses for advanced users. The course is intended for power users as well as regular users so they can make the most of their time online. The course will teach you how to find the exact results you need by using smart ‘tags’ in the search bar. It also teaches you how to explore Google search tools (on the left of search results) to increase your productivity.

The Learning Google course will teach you how to solve everyday problems using Google. The course is a community based learning system, which means everyone will contribute. So if you are enrolled, you will be able to learn new techniques as they are introduced by Google.

If you invest some time into learning about Google, you will amass tools to help you find exactly what you are looking for. You’ll not only be able to find the right information or the perfect image, you will also be able to solve even the toughest of the problems using search.

If you are a power searcher, you can elect to subscribe to Google’s Power Searching course; subscribe by clicking here.

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