Posted by Renee Schmidt

Choosing between a Mac and a PC is no easy task.  There are many things to consider: ergonomics, functionality, and operating system just to name a few.  But I’ll get to that in a moment.

If you’re wondering where I’ve been the last 2 weeks, I have been going through some major transitions (with business, home, and relationships –just to name a few)! I will get into the details of these exciting changes in another post very soon, but right now I want to share one piece of very exciting news: I am the proud owner of a MacBook Air! 

I recently got into the market for a new computer. Having been a PC girl my entire life, the idea of a Mac OS was a bit frightening.   Sure, my iPhone and iPad have revolutionized my life –but was I ready to take the plunge with a Mac?  I was skeptical.

My inclination was to purchase a Lenovo U-series laptop; after all, its lightweight AND familiar.  But after I had a brief conversation on the subject with a long-time IT “nerd” and Microsoft deserter, I quickly changed my mind. After many years of using PC’s himself, he felt like a Mac was the way to go without question.  Why?  Because of the following:

  1. No viruses = no anti-virus software and no blue screen of death.
  2. Although Microsoft products are ‘familiar,’ a Mac is way more intuitive to use than a PC.
  3. The Mac ergonomic design is clean, simple and fresh!
  4. Finding anything on a Mac is easy with a simple search. No ‘misplacement’ of files like on a PC.
  5. Download the latest OS easily and inexpensively through iTunes.
  6. No boot time!  Unlike the Microsoft OS, the Mac OS boots up in seconds.
  7. With Office for Mac, you can have the best of both worlds – a fresh computer and business software you’re used to.

I thought about it a bit, and I decided he was right. These were overwhelming reasons and also, the energy of new beginnings called for a fresh technology slate too!

I went to the Apple store in Grand Central, NYC.  I was in by 6pm and out by 6:30pm!  I don’t use much processing on my machine and I don’t have much data; so I knew the Air series was the way to go.  An associate at the Apple store confirmed a $999 base model would be perfect for my needs; albeit, the SD slot on the 4GB model did seem for a moment more attractive than the 2GB but I ultimately went for the 2GB base model anyway (I figured I could buy a $10 external reader/writer in the rare instance I use a memory card).  After my purchase, I had a short FREE training session at the store, and within minutes, I was ready to use my new toy.

With Microsoft Office for Mac installed on my laptop, I’ve been thrilled with its functionality and ease of use.  I am still getting used to the track-pad and keyboard (FYI – it is full-size!) and still learning all of Mac’s neat tricks, but so far so good.  Sorry Lenovo… at just under 2.5lbs, the MacBook Air is a clear winner!