Posted by Renee Schmidt
Mallzee is the new online shopping app which allows users to buy from over 200 of their favorite retailers whilst receiving personalized style recommendations and sharing items with friends.

Last week, Jenna was faced with a dilemma. Having reached the age when all of her close friends were leading busy career-driven lives, she found herself alone in the realm of first-date-dress buying. This was unknown; this was daunting. Pressed for time and unsure of which look to opt for, Jenna began frantically sending late night screenshots of possible looks to her friends. Too short? Too tight? Too frumpy?

Unknown to Jenna, her constant stream of late night messages was proving rather unpopular with her friends. In short- Jenna was junked.

In today’s career obsessed society, such stories are becoming commonplace. With less and less spare time on our hands, the days of long weekends spent lazily perusing the shops with our best of girlfriends are long gone. We want convenience and we want it fast. We want fashion and we want it our way. Step forward Mallzee, the new shopping app which provides personalised style recommendations from over 1 million products, suggesting only items which suit your style.

Founded in Scotland in 2012, the company has grown quickly. Initially starting as a website, the team soon switched to the app-sphere in reaction to consumer demand for a service which fit perfectly into a busy lifestyle. Securing $240,000 in funding from private investors and the development agency Scottish Enterprise, the team was able to assemble enough capital to grow and take root in an inspiringly collaborative workspace in the heart of Edinburgh.

In an undeniably crowded marketplace, the Mallzee has succeeded in creating a service which truly stands out from the crowd. An initial “style quiz” seems simple at first, but the app’s innate cleverness soon becomes apparent. Constantly evolving, Mallzee allows users to like and dislike products infinitely, thereby improving it’s understanding of the users style. Over 200 top retailers are already on board, providing users with a broad directory of fashions.

Items can either be saved to build a dream wardrobe or instantly shared with friends to ensure you never again miss out on their invaluable fashion advice. Solo online shopping, meet your death!

Having just launched in the app store, the future looks undeniably bright for Mallzee. If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, download now at Mallzee!