Posted by Renee Schmidt

Mike’s Marketing is a set of tools that let you see how you measure on the Web!  Internet acclaim made simple! Because of my deep involvement personally with SMBs, I am always particularly excited about sharing valuable and practical resources that I use daily.

One of my newest picks is Michael Wong’s website Mike’s Marketing Tools. Mike’s site offers a variety of free services.  My personal favorite is the extremely useful “ranking reports”. This clever business tool allows anybody to check their current position on Google, in seconds, by just entering a URL and the desired search term. This is particularly handy when it comes to checking how well your keywords are doing, when analyzing Google AdWords and when thinking about doing or improving upon search engine optimization (SEO).

So how do I measure up?  According to Mike, is on Google page one for the search term “cloud desktops”!  Also referred to as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, cloud desktops are a super hot tech talk piece right now. No easy feat considering the term returns 20,000,000 results!

So give these instruments a try because they’re advantageous and super accurate. Or, if this all seems really confusing to you, you may find it helpful to hire an internet marketing strategist to explain it to you.