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If data security frustrates you, you’re not alone! With mobile device usage and cloud adaptation on the rise, people are accessing more and more data on the fly.  And with so much sensitive information dispersed and accessed across the internet, security has never been a more critical subject. I was quoted on the subject in a recent article title Protecting Data Through BPM, authored on by my friend Pierre DeBois, Founder of Zimana, a consulting company that specializes in digital marketing.

December 15th, 2011 – Business Agility

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The article is insightful; going on to highlight an interesting Gartner study noting the increase of mobile devices as one of the top strategic trends for 2012: “the era of PC dominance with Windows as the single platform will be replaced with a post-PC era where Windows is one of a variety of environments IT will need to support.”

Over the summer, I noted the same perspective when explaining cloud computing benefits in a presentation with Rackspace CTO John Engates for Small Business Technology’s 12 Hours of Tech seminar, as part of NY Internet Week.

As we move away from traditional desktop and server infrastructure, the increase in cloud adaptation will correlate to an increase in mobile device usage; inclusive of mobile phones, laptops, and in particular, tablets… for example, Cloud Desktops now let you run a Windows 7 desktop using your Apple iPad, or any other Internet-connected device. The flexibility is impressive and becoming increasingly more so.

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