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New York Post ( feature with Renee Schmidt on Cover (@nypost)

The New York Post is the 13th-oldest and seventh-most-widely circulated newspaper in the United States. I am featured online and in print (late city final on November 12, 2013) in an article titled Power pedicures: The new 3-martini lunch.

November 12, 2013 – New York Post

Featured as a Female Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of SheSquad at


” Other fans of the pedicure powwow include Renee Schmidt, 29, founder and CEO of SheSquad, a social media agency employed by Fortune 1000 companies including leading banks and management consultants.

She prefers the more relaxed atmosphere during pedicure meetings and the fact they involve a rare component in modern day business dealings — face-to-face contact.

“When you’re doing a conference call, you don’t really know if the other person is paying attention, whether they’re on their keyboard or fiddling with their iPhone” laughs Schmidt, who nonetheless favors pedicures over manicures because it leaves your hands free to take phone calls or send e-mails.

“But here you are sitting next to each other in a nail salon, talking and interacting.

“You have each other’s undivided attention. It’s a good thing for building up trust.” “