Posted by Renee Schmidt

Last week I shared my incredible experience of mobile checkout at Sephora. In line with the subject, Square (which lets you accept payments on your smartphone via an external dongle) launched today a new Card Case payment system that turns your phone into a mobile wallet.

The new ‘Pay With Square’ is a handsfree app that allows you to pay via credit card without ever swiping your card again! ¬†Instead of swiping through an external square reader, the new app pulls up a list of participating retailers within proximity of you, including a map. You can sort by relevancy or distance to see which merchants will accept payment via mobile. Still in its infancy, the NFC based system is already enabling mobile payments at over 70,000 merchants in under a year’s time.

While the dongle is great for accepting payments on the go, the Pay With Square app is ideal for making payment on the fly; it reminds me of Seamless, my pick for best app for dining, which I use regularly to place online food orders (Seamless also has really cool office decor).

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