Posted by Asif Mumtaz

No photographic memory? No worries! The Memoto lifelogging camera records every moment as you live it.

Modern psychologists have collected solid evidence reflecting that photographic memory is a myth. One can’t recall images from memory with perfect accuracy. Nevertheless, there’s no denying the fact that some people have incredibly accurate memory. Akira Harahuchi, for example, set a world record for recalling the first 83,431 decimal places of pi. There are many other examples of people with phenomenal memories – but none with a true photographic memory.

Although the notion of photographic memory is fiction, you can still recall your best moments, thanks to Memoto. Memoto is a tiny, automatic camera that continuously collects your memories through photo. You can later search and share those photos whenever you want. What’s more, Memoto is so simple to use, it actually makes sure you enjoy ‘the moment’ instead of ruining it in an effort to capture it. You can live life and still keepsake the memory. That’s because Memoto will automatically capture the moment for you. You won’t even have to press a button.

The Memoto camera clips on to your outfit. It’s easy to wear and you don’t have to worry about carrying a bulky camera on you. Memoto can sit on your coat/shirt collar or hang off your necklace. You can clip it anywhere, it’s that tiny. The camera is weather-protected so you won’t have to worry about taking it off should you get stuck in the rain or take to skiing on snowy slopes. As long as you’re wearing it, the tiny photographic memory camera will automatically capture each moment as you live it. If you choose, you can later relive those moments by viewing them digitally. Taking two pictures every minute, with a recharge needed after 2 full days of use, Memoto is sure to capture every detail of everyday you use it.

Just imagine wearing it at your wedding, or rather, having all of your guests wear it? That would make for an incredible picture story, later reliving the day as though you were there (from multiple vantage points nonetheless!).

With Memoto, you can live in the moment rather than get distracted trying to capture it (albeit, reliving the past through old photos is not quite living in the moment). With Memoto’s 5mpx camera you won’t win any prizes but it can definitely perfect a digital scrapbook (since we don’t have photographic memory and all). Learn more at Memoto. Then tell me if you think it’s cool… or creepy.