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Whether you’re a food blogger or simply someone who enjoys finding recipes online, My Recipe Magic is a new tool worth checking out.

Designed by the ladies from popular blog Six Sisters’ Stuff, My Recipe Magic allows you to find recipes from top food bloggers and organize them so you’re ready to go with the perfect meal plan every time. For food bloggers, this is also a great chance to drive traffic and even make a little money.

After signing up for My Recipe Magic, you can upload recipes from your own blog or search by keyword for recipes others have uploaded. You can also search by ingredient, which is a great tool if you have an ingredient you want to use before it goes bad. If you just want to browse, you can also click on “Today’s Recipes” to see what’s recently been uploaded.

Each recipe comes complete with nutritional information, which is calculated automatically by the platform when recipes are uploaded. You can “favorite” recipes, as well as leave comments. Once you’ve found a recipe you like, you can add it a cookbook or to a menu. Cookbooks are for large collections of like recipes (sort of like a Pinterest board), while the menu section allows you to create a one-time-use list of recipes you intend to make.

Cookbooks are great for organizing recipes that you want to save for later. You can create as many cookbooks as you want, and when you find a recipe you like, you can add it to as many cookbooks as you want by checking the boxes that apply and hitting the save button. It’s pretty convenient when you have a recipe that could go in your soup cookbook, but also makes sense in your vegetarian cookbook.

Menus are for planning a specific meal. Once you add all the recipes you intend to make for the meal, you can look at the overall nutritional information. Another great features is the ability to print off a shopping list for the meal, which is especially helpful if you’re planning for a party.

The “Future Magic” section of My Recipe Magic includes information about all of the features they’re hoping to implement soon, including cookbook printing and recipe rating. I’m especially excited to see the future “What Can I Make” section, where you’ll be able to list the ingredients you have and see what recipes you can make without having to go to the store. I use this feature often on other websites, like Supercook, so it will be nice to have this feature on My Recipe Magic as well. They’re also working on a rewards program, which will give you redeemable points whenever you use the site.

And if you’re a food blogger? When you upload, you can choose show the complete recipe on My Recipe Magic or you can show partial directions and lead users back to your own site to get the complete recipe. When people view your recipes, you’ll also make money, so by uploading more recipes, you can both drive traffic and monetize your content. It’s a great way to build your brand, especially as a new food blogger.

I’m loving My Recipe Magic so far, especially with the cute chef mascot. Interested in learning more? My Recipe Magic has a great training video here to help you get started.

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Allison Boyer is the Online Education Coordinator for NMX University, where you can learn more about blogging, podcasting, web TV, and social business. She also runs the food blog The PinterTest Kitchen with her mom and sister.

Disclosure: My Recipe Magic was an NMX 2013 exhibitor.